The 5th edition brought together 150 people; participants walked the 10km of Itiberê River cleaning the waters and mangroves.

150 people were present at the 5th Environmental Rowing, an event held by TCP last Saturday (01). Using kayaks, canoes and stand up paddles, the participants collected 985 kilos of waste from the Itiberê River and mangroves. Of this material, 425 kilos will be recycled by the Nova Esperança Collectors and Recyclers Association, at Valadares Island.

The event is part of TCP’s Internal Environment Week, held between March 29 and April 1. At the terminal, visitors were able to see an exhibition of wild animals named Marine Environmental Education, which is part of the Marine Biodiversity Recovery Program (REBIMAR). The employees also participated in several internal actions, including a lecture on climate change and the impacts on coastal environments.
“The week’s actions aim to make the local community aware of the damage caused by man to nature. TCP is committed to encouraging socio-environmental development, but remembers that it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of their own city, not throwing garbage in the streets or rivers,” emphasizes Kayo Zaiats; TCP’s manager of health, safety and environment.

Between the years 2018 and 2022, almost 2 tons of garbage were removed from the river in the accumulation of previous editions of the Environmental Remada. Among the objects collected by the community in 2023 was a freezer door and the axle wheels of a car. In past editions, bicycles, a piece of a sofa, refrigerator doors, and a television were found in the river.

Currently, TCP has more than 60 socio-environmental actions in progress, which aim to benefit the Paranaguá community and the environment. One of the projects is the Solidary Exchange, which allows residents to exchange recyclable materials for staple foods and personal hygiene products. Improvements in schools, community centers, and indigenous villages were also part of the investments for the community last year.

Thaisa Tanaka