Initiative is part of the terminal’s program to preserve and disseminate caiçara culture, especially in schools in the region.

Between July 10 and 20, Ilha dos Valadares is being the stage for the recording of CDs by musical groups of Fandango Caiçara. The action is part of the Fandango Caiçara Intangible Assets Management Program, financed by the Paranaguá Container Terminal, through contributions in the Culture Incentive Law, and has the operational support of the company DTA Engenharia Ltda.

The recordings take place at the Papagaio Loro Records Studio, located at the Mandicuera Popular Culture Association, on Valadares Island. The Association also has a room for assembling violas, rabecas and machetes, instruments used by caiçaras groups.

This month, the Mandicuera and Folkloric Mestre Romão groups, composed of young and adult musicians, are recording. In February, it was the turn of the groups Mestre Brasílio and Pés de Ouro, formed by members over 70 years old, to participate in the recordings. At the end of this week in the studio, there will be the stages of mixing, pressing, making the artwork for the albums and, later, the release of the records.

In return, a musical presentation is scheduled for October at a school in the region, yet to be defined. “Promoting the registration and dissemination of fandango caiçara is one of the terminal’s commitments to the preservation of the customs and traditions of the parnanguara population,” said TCP’s institutional superintendent, Allan Chiang.

At the end of the project, each of the four benefited musical groups will release CDs with 12 tracks. “Although fandango has existed and resisted since the time of Portuguese colonization, it is not so well known in our country. The work of research, registration and dissemination of fandango is extremely important to preserve the caiçara culture”, highlights the producer of the Mandicuera Popular Culture Association, Mariana Zanette.

TCP and the preservation of caiçara culture

Since 2018, the Paranaguá Container Terminal has been developing the Fandango Caiçara Intangible Assets Management Program (PFC), which integrates several independent projects. Among the actions carried out by the program are the renovations of the Mandicuera Association and Mestre Romão Group (Casa de Fandango Mestre Eugênio) spaces; the rental and renovation of the Mestre Brasílio and Mestre Nemésio spaces; and the donation of instruments and costumes used in fandango. There were also fandango dances in caiçaras communities of Paranaguá; the recording of CDs of the musical groups; the integration with municipal and state education units of Paraná; among others.

Another milestone for caiçara culture took place in March this year, when TCP celebrated the closure of the Caxeta Project, which resulted in the publication of IAT Ordinance No. 466, of December 20, 2022, responsible for regulating the extraction of the base wood for the construction of fandango musical instruments. The terminal participated in the development of the project, which seeks to protect the caiçara fandango culture and ensure the legality of activities involving local artists.

Mayara Locatelli