Among the selected works are cultural projects, futsal and handball associations, in addition to the restoration of the Nossa Senhora do Rosário Cathedral.

In the last quarter of 2022, TCP – the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal – made the contribution to five social projects on the Paraná coast. The supports have been made since 2007 in the State and, so far, have benefited more than 40 social projects.

The donations are made through tax incentive laws. In other words, the government allows companies taxed on actual profits to allocate up to 9% of their income tax to actions related to culture, health, and sports.

“Through tax contributions, TCP is able to strengthen ties with the community and cooperate with investments in the region. This year the company is supporting several cultural, sports and projects aimed at children and teenagers. These are actions that stimulate the caiçara culture and local growth”, says TCP’s manager of administrative affairs, Patricia Cobra.

Among the institutions benefited is the Parents and Friends of Futsal Association (Apaf), which operates in Paranaguá. The project is aimed at children and teenagers, who receive classes and can participate in championships. In all, 300 people have already benefited from the project.

Another initiative focused on sports is that of the Handball Association of Paranaguá, which runs the 7 Metros project. By means of an Olympic sport, the program seeks the students’ social inclusion. To participate, the child or teenager must be enrolled and attending an educational institution. The students who show aptitude in the sport are invited to competitions.

Besides sports, music is one of the beneficiaries of the support, as is the case of the Antoninense Philharmonic, which is responsible for assisting more than 2,000 children and teenagers from the coast of Paraná state, performing daily music workshops and presentations in events. For this, they have a large team: 79 musicians and 2 conductors between orchestra and band, besides 30 beginner students in the martial band and 120 students in the choir group.

“This partnership with TCP is extremely important, because we take education and culture to many children on the coast for free. This action is more than charity, it is a contribution of support to the civil society, a vital way to reduce inequalities, especially in areas where the state has difficulties to reach and change”, says the president of the Antoninense Philharmonic, Mário de Castro.

Still talking about culture, the restoration of the Nossa Senhora do Rosário Cathedral, in Paranaguá, also counts on TCP’s contribution. This is the second time the terminal supports the Marco Zero project, which seeks to restore one of the oldest churches in the country.

Another project supported this quarter is focused on cinema. The short film “Try your luck today”, by director and writer Guenia Lemos, seeks to address issues involving domestic violence against women. The film will be screened in Paranaguá.

About the tax incentive

The tax incentive laws allocate part of the tax to social organizations. In other words, instead of paying the full amount of taxes owed to the government, taxpayers make donations to social and cultural projects and have part of their taxes deducted.

Individuals can donate up to 6% of the tax they have to pay if they make the contributions throughout the year, or 3% if the donation occurs during the tax return. For companies, the income tax donation can still be made directly to the funds of the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA). The donated amount must correspond to 1% of the income tax to be paid by the company to the IRS.

Mayara Locatelli