The company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal has contributed in the sectors of health, education, culture and sports.

TCP – the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal – has contributed to 17 social projects through tax incentive laws in 2022. The programs contemplate children, teenagers and the elderly; initiatives aimed at health and education; besides projects that involve culture and infrastructure.

All are segments that provide more quality of life to the community. According to Patrícia Cobra, manager of administrative affairs at TCP, “the priorities are projects from the Fund for Childhood and Adolescence (FIA) and the Rouanet Law that somehow impact the community of Paranaguá and Curitiba, especially children in vulnerable situations or in need of assistance.

The practice of contributions is old at TCP. From 2007 to date, the company has contributed 46 projects through incentive laws. Among the long-standing partnerships are those with Pequeno Príncipe and Angelina Caron hospitals, established almost 10 years ago.

Cultural projects are also part of the contribution, as is the case of the III Cultural Festival of Disabled People, promoted by Coletivo Inclusão, a non-profit organization from Fazenda Rio Grande (PR). The institution seeks to promote the social inclusion of people in vulnerable situations, especially people with disabilities. The festival will include workshops and shows, in which more than 300 people with disabilities will be impacted.

Another initiative supported is the Marco Zero project, which aims to restore one of the oldest churches in the country, the Nossa Senhora do Rosário Cathedral, in Paranaguá. A contribution was also made to the Antoninense Philharmonic, which is responsible for assisting more than 2,000 children and teenagers on the Paraná coast.

For the promotion of initiatives aimed at sports, TCP also supported, in 2022, 3 projects dedicated to Futsal, Volleyball, and Handball. The most recent is “Volleyball for All”, which aims to strengthen the work developed at Novo Esporte Litoral Paranaense. The activity works as a development and value-building tool for children, teenagers, and young people in vulnerable situations. According to Patricia Cobra, “TCP is committed to the sustainable development of Paranaguá and the region, which is why it is so important to support actions that add direct results for the entire community”.

Mayara Locatelli