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Flow Management

Customers using TCP’s warehouse, rail and depot services rely on Flow Management’s operational service team – specializing in logistics and focused on adding value to the customer’s business.

With TCP’s unique automated tracking (TMS), you can track all steps in the process. Through the timeline, the customer can know, in real time, the status of their cargo or container.

In addition to personalized daily reports, the service is provided by specialists responsible for support from the departure of the cargo from the customer’s factory to the shipping of the container (export flow) and from the arrival of the container to the shipment of the cargo to the customer’s factory (import flow). ).

Flow Management services, added to TCP Log and Terminal solutions, are ideal for those who value agility, cost reduction and simplification of the logistics chain.

Flow Management supports all of the following steps:


Pre-departure boarding and unloading at our terminal;
Load presence;
Spawning schedule for the storage of loose cargo or customs warehouse;
Return of the void with focus on Demurrage management (demurrage);
Load-loose loading and / or cross-docking scheduling.


Loose load pickup schedule (in all TCP warehouses);
Management of empty containers for stuffing;
Stuffing according to plan sent by the customer;
Receipt of tax notes and clearance from DU-E;
Monitoring of Intervening Body surveys and other cargo needs (fumigation);
Guarantee of shipment.


Daily schedule of trains in conjunction with Brado;
Rail management based on the boarding ship deadline;
Transit management of empty containers to the warehouses of Ponta Grossa, Cambé and Cascavel;
Courtyard time management of the importing units that use the railroad.

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