Anticipating adverse weather conditions allows the Terminal to adopt measures to ensure the safety of employees and port operations

This May, TCP, the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal, renewed its partnership with the Climatempo meteorology service to obtain accurate data on weather conditions in the regions of Paranaguá Bay and Ortigueira, where the company’s terminals are located.

The strategic partnership, established since February 2021, allows the Terminal to have access to the Climatempo Monitoring and Alert System (SMAC), which provides meteorological data over short, medium and long-term periods. TCP’s occupational safety, health and environment manager, Kayo Zaiats, explains that “in order to guarantee the safety of employees, as well as the integrity of the Terminal’s equipment and our clients’ goods, it is necessary to carry out this monitoring, as strong winds, heavy rain and lightning strikes can interrupt port operations”.

As a parameter, the Terminal adopts specific protocols to assess safe weather conditions for port operations. For example, when there is a forecast of strong winds, between 35 and 54 kilometers per hour, TCP’s operations team is in a state of alert. If the weather reports winds above 54 kilometers, the operation is put on alert.

“The measurement of these and other weather parameters is carried out using various tools, including data from weather stations and radars, satellite images, modeling, and also relies on the expertise of our team of meteorologists, who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, always at TCP’s disposal,” says Jéssica Mendes, meteorologist and account executive at Climatempo.

As well as providing daily bulletins with forecasts for the next five days and issuing detailed data histories for future reference, the monitoring system also sends information and alerts automatically via SMS, WhatsApp, email and push notifications to the Terminal’s teams.

“Paranaguá Bay is a great differentiator for TCP, as it offers shelter from strong winds, less impact from waves and tides, and provides a stable microclimate. This, coupled with the Terminal’s proactive adaptation to changes in the climate through Climatempo’s monitoring, gives us greater operational efficiency and assertiveness in decision-making,” adds Zaiats.

About Climatempo

Climatempo is the largest and most recognized meteorological consulting and weather forecasting company in Brazil and Latin America. It develops weather analysis and forecasting services for companies and institutions in the public and private sectors, with specialized services that serve various sectors of activity, such as energy, mining, agribusiness and logistics, among others. For the general public, it provides weather information via its website and apps, and weather forecast bulletins for various media outlets. Together, these channels account for 20 million monthly users.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa