Between August 21 and 22, professionals from coastal communities took part in a free Community-Based Tourism Course in Piaçaguera.

The Caiçara Tourism Network held the first stage of the project, launched on June 13 this year, on August 21 and 22. Promoted, coordinated and financed by TCP, the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal, the program offers a free Community-Based Course to those interested in working in coastal communities in Paraná.

The Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service in Paraná (Sebrae-PR) is also part of the process, providing methodological support and making a team available to monitor each business individually.

Before the classes were held, some participants from Paranaguá and the islands were taken by boat to the venue in Piaçaguera. When they arrived at the community kitchen, they were welcomed by the technical coordinator of the Caiçara Tourism Network project, Marianne Costa, who talked to the members about the course and the best ways to offer a unique experience to tourists who visit the coast of Paraná.

The project lasts 12 months and is aimed at residents involved in tourism activities, directly or indirectly, on the coast of Paraná. The initiative aims to promote local entrepreneurship and the exchange of experiences, inspired by community-based tourism in other areas of Brazil.

This is a demand from the communities of Amparo, Eufrasina, Ilha dos Valadares, São Miguel, Piaçaguera and Ponta de Ubá to improve tourism in the region. TCP’s institutional superintendent, Allan Chiang, highlights the importance of the project for the community.

“The preservation of Paranaguá’s culture boosts not only the local economy, but also contributes to increasing the population’s self-esteem. TCP recognizes the significant impact that effective management of Brazilian tourism can have and how it can transform lives,” says Chiang.

Participation in the Fandango Festival

In addition to the activities proposed within the project, the Caiçara Tourism Network also took part in the panel “Community-Based Tourism – Strategies and Opportunities for the Paraná Coast”. The event, held on Thursday (24), was part of the Fandango Festival program.

Five experts presented ideas and proposals for developing the activity in the region. The event filled the hall of the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (MAE) in Paranaguá. According to Chiang, the large turnout shows the need for activities like this in the community.

“The public’s great interest in the course shows how important the project is for the community. For TCP, this interest is great, as we seek to combine support with actions of local interest that stimulate the sustainable development of Paranaguá and the region. Since 2012, we have supported 230 socio-environmental projects and, in the coming years, we intend to continue with this initiative”, emphasizes the superintendent.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa