The construction benefits three villages; in 2022, the terminal carried out over 60 socio-environmental projects in the region.

TCP, the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal, delivered, on December 20 and 21, 30 new houses in three indigenous communities on the coast of Paraná. The construction work was carried out in seven months and was fully funded by the company. About 130 indigenous people will benefit from the project.

For TCP’s institutional manager, Allan Chiang, the initiative represents the preservation of the indigenous peoples’ references as a fundamental part of the creation of the national culture.

“TCP recognizes the value of investing in the community where it operates, maintaining its commitment to help indigenous peoples in their survival and development, so that they can exercise their customs, beliefs and traditions with dignity,” said Allan.

The construction of the houses is part of the compensatory measures in the scope of the Basic Environmental Plan of the Indigenous Component (PBACI) and was designed according to the needs raised by the indigenous leaders themselves, respecting the experiences of these people with nature.

Benefiting from this project are the villages Pindoty, located in Paranaguá on Ilha da Cotinga; the village Karaguatá Poty, in the district of Guaraguaçu; and the village Guaviraty, in Pontal do Paraná, at the beach resort Shangri-lá.

In 2022, TCP was involved in 60 socio-environmental projects in communities along the state’s coast. The number encompasses punctual and weekly events such as lectures, workshops, cultural actions, and even long-term events such as the construction of buildings. One example was the inauguration of the state school on Amparo Island, worth 300 thousand reais, which sought to expand access to education in the region.

Another activity was the enlargement of the Coastal Residents Association. The 80 thousand reais renovation was delivered in August. The new space allowed more activities to be offered free of charge to the residents.

Other initiatives aimed at indigenous peoples

TCP has been carrying out, since 2014, actions to assist the indigenous population in specific demands and in the development of projects aimed at health, education, preservation of the environment and intangible heritage. For December, more works are already planned in the villages benefiting from the houses, a gate for the Sambaqui community and the construction of a water supply infrastructure for the Cotinga village.

In addition, TCP is part of other initiatives involving indigenous people, such as the “Nhemboaty Porã – Management and Articulation” and “Nhande Kya – Network for Monitoring and Territorial Management” programs. It is also active in the projects “Mbya Arandu – Valorization of History” and “Guarani Culture”, “Mymba – Monitoring, Creation and Reintroduction of Fauna” and “Mobility and Safety”.

Thaisa Tanaka