The company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal stands out as one of the largest employers in the city

Last Tuesday (12), the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal (TCP) received the “Emprega + Paranaguá” award, promoted by the Paranaguá Municipal Labor Department (SEMTRA). The award ceremony took place at the Raquel Costa Theatre, at 7:30 pm, during the symbolic ceremony to hand out certificates to students who were professionalized in the second half of 2023.

The prize was awarded by the Municipal Secretary for Labor, Employment and Trade Union Affairs, João Lozano, on behalf of the Mayor of Paranaguá, Marcelo Roque, to companies that have stood out as employers in the city of Paranaguá. Employees Kelly Pereira and Isabela Capeti, from the Human Resources department, took part in the awards ceremony and received the prize on behalf of TCP.

TCP’s Human Resources Manager, Washington Bohnn, commented on the work being done by the Terminal and the importance of receiving this recognition: “TCP is committed to promoting job creation in Paranaguá. Therefore, receiving the award reflects that our commitment to the community is being recognized and that we are making a difference in the development of the city and the entire coast of Paraná. In addition, it is a way for us to establish links with SEMTRA and show the community the actions we are taking to contribute to Paranaguá by creating jobs. In 2023 alone, TCP hired 355 people, a figure we are very proud of”.

Thaisa Tanaka