TCP participates in Paranaguá’s 17th Environment Week with games to bring environmental education to children and young people

The expectation is that 800 visitors will visit the stand during the event

The 17th Paranaguá Environment Week begins on Tuesday (11), and TCP, the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal, is once again present to bring games, games, gifts, interactive activities and environmental education to all visitors who pass by the stand. The event takes place at the Albertina Salmon Arena, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and runs until Friday, June 15.

The Terminal is taking part in the event with a personalized stand measuring 18 square meters, and expects to receive 800 visitors a day, most of whom are public school students. “Promoting environmental education in a playful and interactive way for schoolchildren and young people is one of the main ways we have of transforming the future of Paranaguá. They will be multipliers, taking this awareness of sustainability to their families and communities, generating an extremely important impact for our city,” says TCP’s health, safety and environment manager, Kayo Zaiats.

With a team of instructors prepared to assist groups of children, young people and adults, TCP offers gymkhanas with quizzes and questions, informative videos and drawing pictures of local fauna and flora at its stand. Among the games are Marine Expedition, which deals with the importance of preserving fauna and biodiversity, and Circular Economy, an activity that addresses issues relating to the positive impacts generated by recycling and correct waste management.

Zaiats explains that “TCP’s participation in Environment Week is already a tradition and demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable development, as well as providing an opportunity for contact with the community, public bodies and other companies to exchange experiences and learn about new technologies and sustainable practices that benefit Paranaguá.”

TCP becomes “Zero Landfill” company

Since November 2023, TCP has been directing all waste generated in the terminal’s operations to recycling, treatment or reuse, which results in zero waste going to landfills.

As well as eliminating the risk of polluting soil and water, the treatment and proper segregation of waste also promotes the recycling economy, generating income for collectors and giving a new life to materials which, once processed, can be used in the production of other objects and goods.

To help with this goal, in January 2024 the Terminal completed its Waste Collection Center, which has 120 square meters of floor space and a capacity for 42 IBCs (containers with a capacity of 1,000 liters). The structure is used to store the waste generated in a safe and sustainable way, ensuring that 100% of contaminated materials are disposed of correctly.

Vinicius Valginhak