Environment & Community

A series of TCP initiatives aim to promote sustainable development and the appreciation of the Guarani Mbya culture in the surrounding indigenous villages, within the context of the PBACI – Basic Environmental Plan for the Indigenous Component drawn up for the terminal’s environmental licensing.

In February 2024, the community approved the project for a Culture Center planned for the Guaviraty (Guaviratã) village, located at the Shangrilá beach resort in Pontal do Paraná. The Culture Center will offer a space dedicated to tourism, where it will be possible to experience the spirituality, art and traditions of the Mbya Guarani. In addition to the approval of the project, construction has begun on a Tourist Portal, which is important for protecting and identifying the village in its surroundings.

Historical research activities were carried out in the three villages participating in the PBACI, with research with Mbya elders and institutions such as the House of Memory, municipal education departments and the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (MAE) at UFPR.

Another event was the “Nhemboaty Porã” (“good meeting”) seminar, which brought together representatives from six villages on the coast of Paraná in the Guaviraty village. This meeting discussed important issues of indigenous territoriality and strengthened ties between the communities.

Computer classes and video editing activities were equipped with new computers in two communities, with the aim of qualifying and intensifying digital inclusion work.

In the village of Pindoty (Pindotã), on the island of Cotinga, support was given to the territorial maintenance task force, where care and cleaning of the village environment was carried out. Work also continued on planting traditional species to strengthen food security in the three communities. In addition, campaigns to monitor fauna and water quality in Paranaguá Bay sought to learn more about this ecosystem and identify possible impacts on it.

Actions to support basic infrastructure were carried out, such as supplying drinking water by water truck, maintaining and supplying electric generators and supplying tools.

In the field of health, a trip by indigenous people to access treatment and medicinal species in the Guarani village in the municipality of Miracatu/SP was funded.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa