The Corporation monitored the work done at the terminal, which is considered the most modern and a reference in the management of dangerous cargo in Brazil

On September 15, TCP received a visit from the 8th Fire Department, which operates in the Paraná coast. According to Lieutenant-Colonel Dorico Gabriel Borba, TCP is a reference in the country in the management of dangerous cargo. “We were able to verify the constant evolution in the focus given by TCP regarding prevention and preparation for emergency response, especially regarding the IMO area, a pioneering work that we consider to be the most modern in Brazil, and has been accompanied by the Fire Department since its implementation”.

The meeting is part of the joint schedule of the Fire Department and the Paranaguá Companies Mutual Aid Plan (PLAM). The goal is to bring together the institutions and share good practices in the area of prevention and emergency response.

TCP performed a presentation of the operation, structures and existing security measures. The visitors could meet the fire combat systems and resources, emergency response, storage form of containers and the storage area of containers with dangerous cargo (IMO of the terminal).

The space for TCP’s IMO cargo corresponds to 7,056 m² of the terminal, with 600 m² dedicated exclusively to the storage of flammable liquids with a fire-fighting system. Another unique feature of the company is inside the large forklifts – Reach Stacker (RS) and Empty Handler (EH) – used in the container handling that are equipped with a CO2 Fire Suppression system, which releases carbon dioxide (CO2) from the combustion engine area, smothering flames and avoiding the spread of fires.

TCP’s health and safety manager, Kayo Zaiats Szatkovski, stated that “the Fire Department is an institution that helps us and allows an intense exchange of knowledge, contributing for the security at the terminal”.

According to TCP’s CEO, James Cao, “Fire Department is a partner institution of TCP, as a professional organization of Firefighting and Emergency Rescue, the great team will continue to assist our company in enhancing the training program of fire safety and first aid by organizing the regular drills, and strengthen the joint response in case of emergency”.

Thaisa Tanaka