The initiative of the Government of the State of Paraná recognizes companies committed to sustainable development and that act in the control of the emission of polluting gases.

TCP, the company that manages the Container Terminal of Paranaguá, received on Monday (05) the Paraná Climate seal, a project conceived by the Secretariat of Sustainable Development and Tourism of the state. The certificate is given to organizations that adhering to the State Public Register of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

The company was awarded in the maximum category in which it is framed. In all, there are four divisions, which vary according to the participants’ scores. Several factors were evaluated, such as environmental, social and governance goals and actions; and analyzed the company’s greenhouse gas emissions and annual fossil fuel consumption.

The evaluation criteria for achieving the seal follow the guidelines of the UN 2030 Agenda (United Nations). The project foresees the development and implementation of public policies related to sustainable development, which must be met by countries around the world, including Brazil.

For TCP Environmental Supervisor Carolina Kalinowski, it is extremely important that companies are interested in reducing environmental impacts. “Currently, the environmental theme is a subject of great relevance in the business context, coming from an increase in the awareness of society as a whole, with ESG principles as guiding the system. This makes customers demand a position of companies in the face of issues involving the environment. In this line, TCP maintains its commitment to operate activities focused on nature protection, including pollution prevention and the development of actions with its employees, local communities and other stakeholders”, highlights the supervisor.

Also part of the data collection and research of this project were the environmental analyst, Gabriele Sturm; and the intern, Maria Laura da Silva Mariano.

Other climate initiatives

TCP is developing a Greenhouse Gas Inventory for 2021 with the aim of measuring emissions and drawing up an action plan for reduction with more effective targets. In addition, it is working on a project to electrify part of the railway’s RTGs, which can significantly reduce the emission of pollutants caused by the use of diesel.

Furthermore, the company is part of other environmental actions, such as support in identifying key habitats for the conservation of marine species threatened with extinction. TCP supports hydrosedimentological and rainfall monitoring of the Jacareí River; monitoring air quality in estuarine areas of the Paraná coast; in addition to the supervision of water and sewage quality with a proposal for improvements for indigenous communities; among other activities.

Mayara Locatelli