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As a way of encouraging sports in the city, TCP begins a cycle of sponsorship for athletes, among them is Isabelli Nunes, junior professional surfer

Twice Brazilian champion, four times Paraná state champion, and with 15 titles on her resume, 18-year-old Isabelli Nunes is a promising athlete in bodyboarding. Since she was nine years old, the surfer has been building a consistent and challenging trajectory. Recently, Isabelli received a sponsorship proposal from the Paranaguá Container Terminal (TCP) – South America’s largest container terminal – that seeks to open doors for athletes from Paraná’s coast, especially from Paranaguá, and to encourage the sport in the region, including through a public notice of sponsorship for local athletes, to be launched in April.

Athlete for love and for the motivation to evolve daily, Isabelli says that her expectation for 2022 is to be among the best athletes in the sport, both nationally and globally. The combination of her effort, training and TCP’s incentive – which was decisive for this achievement – led her to the IBC World Bodyboarding Tour 2022, the main world competition of the sport, which aims to develop and support bodyboarding around the world. She is representing Paranaguá at the world level in women’s junior bodyboarding. In the tournament, Isabelli will participate in the two phases of the competition in Peru. The first phase took place in Lurin, from March 11 to 13, consecrating the athlete as the champion of the stage, and the second one will take place in Marcona, from March 18 to 20.

Isabelli believes that, with TCP’s sponsorship, her goals will be achieved sooner than she imagined: “Companies that believe in their dream is something incredible in the life of an athlete, and I’m going to look for my best to carry the name of Paranaguá and TCP in world bodyboarding”, reveals the surfer. For TCP, the investment in sports is a way to encourage athletes. “Sport can be transformative in the life of a young person, teaching about development, dedication, competitiveness, responsibility, but also resilience, empathy, and teamwork. TCP sees the importance of sports and culture for Paranaguá, and through these young talents, we will collaborate in the formation of principles and values for the community.” Thomas Lima, Commercial and Institutional Director of TCP.

Always within the sea of Matinhos and Pontal do Paraná, Isabelli shares this premise and values the investment of companies both in athletes and in socio-environmental projects, as is the case of TCP. “The valorization and encouragement of sports by private companies are of great importance. With support, we athletes get security to train and participate in major competitions,” concludes the surfer. TCP ended last year with more than 60 socio-environmental projects aimed at the community of Paranaguá in progress, and constantly seeks to promote actions that benefit the municipality and its residents.

Thaisa Tanaka