The books were obtained by means of a contribution made by the terminal in a project which has Hospital Pequeno Príncipe as the benefited institution.

This Thursday (22), 24 state schools in Paranaguá were given copies of the book “Os ilustres irmãos Rebouças”, a project developed by Livraria Solar do Rosário, with the financial support of TCP (the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal).

The measure is a counterpart of the project carried out through the Rouanet Law, and involves the delivery of 54 copies of the book, which were donated to the Regional Education Center of Paranaguá. The bookstore will also hold storytelling sessions for patients at the Pequeno Príncipe Hospital.

Idealized and executed by the Solar do Rosário Bookstore, with the Pequeno Príncipe Hospital as the benefited institution, The Irmão Rebouças is a book that tells the story of brothers Antônio and André Rebouças. The two were the engineers responsible for the project to build the 110 kilometers of railroad connecting Curitiba to the Port of Paranaguá, cutting through the rugged terrain of the Serra do Mar.

“Just as the community of Paranaguá is directly responsible for the results that the company seeks, TCP is committed to working on the construction of a legacy that benefits the entire population of the city. This way we stimulate sustainable development and social impact”, says Patrícia Cobra, manager of administrative affairs.

For the executive director of the Pequeno Príncipe Hospital, Ety Cristina Forte Carneiro, partnerships such as this one demonstrate the trust and the recognition of the work of the centenary institution. “Throughout these more than 100 years, we have the privilege of gathering supporters who understand the importance of our cause,” she says.

Commitment to social development

Since 2007, TCP has already favored 48 social institutions and fundraising funds enrolled in tax incentive laws. This way, the terminal allocates part of the tax from operations to social and cultural projects. The oldest partnerships, established with Pequeno Príncipe and Angelina Caron hospitals, have existed for over 9 years.

Some of the projects supported on the coast are Marco Zero, responsible for restoring the oldest church in the country, the Nossa Senhora do Rosário Cathedral; the Antoninense Philharmonic, responsible for assisting more than 2 thousand children and teenagers; and CRIA – Arts Exhibition, which aims to hold artistic performances, with free classification, in public schools.

The latter reaches its second edition with presentations in several schools in Paranaguá. On June 29, for example, approximately 400 children from the Municipal School Profª Rosiclair da Silva Costa (CAIC) will have the opportunity to see a theater show for free.

Mayara Locatelli