Works at the access gates, implementation of state-of-the-art technologies and improvements in internal processes allowed the company to achieve high productivity numbers.

In May, TCP (the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal) achieved two more productivity records. One of them is the monthly number of gate transactions. In all, 43.352 containers gate transactions, 1.030 more than the previous record, set in March 2023.

The second number was for daily passages: on May 30th, 1.982 containers gate transactions, 30 more than the last record, set in April 2021. One of the factors for the growth is the investment in the two access gates improvements.

TCP’s operations manager, Felipe de França, explains that “the records reflect the constant evolution of the works in road access areas, such as the expansion of the gates’ infrastructure and investments in state-of-the-art technologies. In partnership with the commercial and integrated logistics teams, analyses and adjustments were also made to bring more flexibility during customer service”. Besides the growth in structure, the gates have undergone improvements in internal processes, which helped speed up the validation of schedules.

The implementation of the TCP GO app was another alternative to bring more convenience to truck drivers and carriers, who now have an online option for the printed appointment form. Using a cell phone, the trucker shows the QR Code available in TCP GO and accesses the gate.

The application also allows the driver to keep track of date changes and receive up-to-date notifications about the situation at the terminal and on the highways. According to França, the application “brings more agility to the service and encourages sustainability and reduction in paper consumption, considering that it is no longer mandatory for the driver to present a sheet of paper to access the gate”.

Thaisa Tanaka