The 2nd edition of CRIA – Arts Exhibition takes place between June 15 and 29 and brings artists from various Brazilian states, honoring the richness of the national culture.

The 2nd edition of CRIA – Mostra de Artes takes place between June 15th and 29th, an initiative of the production company Viravolta Cultural, which develops artistic works and cultural projects allied to a search for the strengthening of Brazilian culture and public formation. Supported by a tax incentive law by TCP, the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal, the project will take theater and music performances to the city’s school community for free.

This is one of the more than 40 actions supported by TCP through tax incentive laws. Since 2007, the company has the practice of allocating part of its taxes to social and cultural projects. The manager of marketing and administrative affairs, Patricia Cobra, highlights the importance of the contribution to cultural initiatives in the city. “TCP seeks projects that stimulate local development and cultural growth in Paranaguá. One of the goals is to support projects that benefit the community and strengthen culture, as is the case of CRIA”.

After a few years of hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event reaches its second edition full of attractions, which will be presented in public schools selected by the Education Department of the Paranaguá City Hall. The selection prioritized institutions with an auditorium, for a better appreciation of the shows by the students.

According to Ligia Ferreira, general coordinator of CRIA, one of the project’s goals is to take professional shows into the schools, betting on the potential of these places for social transformation, besides collaborating with the cultural vocabulary of those who are there.

“CRIA – Arts Exhibition is committed to the diversity of Brazilian culture. We believe that providing children with contact with different artistic expressions, from professional groups from various regions of Brazil, contributes positively to a rich and full cultural experience,” adds Flávio Araújo, executive producer of the show.

“Contributions such as those made by TCP in projects like CRIA – Arts Exhibition contribute to a broad chain involving different agents of society: the direct beneficiaries of cultural products – those who receive the presentations, the artists, cultural producers, and other service providers necessary for the full implementation of the project, besides effectively contributing to the generation of income and movement of the regional economy”, believes Ligia. In the last edition, which took place between the years 2018 and 2019, CRIA held 32 artistic performances for an audience of more than 6.000 spectators.

2nd edition of CRIA – Arts Showcase

Dates, times and places: June 15; at 10am, 2pm and 7pm; Nayá Castilho School;
June 16; at 10am and 3pm; Escola Iná Xavier.
Group: Trio Airado, from Curitiba-PR.

The Flower of Mamulengo
Date, time and place: June 22, at 10am and 2pm, Aníbal Ribeiro School.
Group: Mamulengo Água de Cacimba, from Olinda-PE.

Rapunzel, a Story for more than a meter
Date, time and place: June 23, at 10am and 2pm, Costa e Silva School.
Group: Cia. BURUCUTU, from Itanhaém-SP.

The Romance of Cowboy Benedict
Date, time and place: June 29, at 10am and 2pm, Rosiclair Silva School.
Group: Mamulengo Presepada, from Brasília-DF.

Mayara Locatelli