With the theme “Prospects and advances in the port sector”, managers commented on employment opportunities at the terminal and professional experiences in the sector.

TCP’s leaders participated in the lecture “Prospects and advances in the port sector”, in the auditorium of the Isulpar teaching group, on Thursday (15), in Paranaguá. More than 300 people, including students and teachers, followed the event online or in person. The managers Washington Bohnn, of human resources and quality; Carolina Brown, of commercial shipowners; Fabio Mattos, of logistics operations; and Walter Júnior, of information technology; commented on the port experience and the foreign trade market.

According to Washington Bohnn, “TCP is the perfect environment for those seeking to grow and make a career in the foreign trade and port logistics sectors. Currently, we are the largest employer on the Paraná coast and, in this lecture, we were able to talk to students and present the terminal’s opportunities, especially for those who are at the beginning of their careers.

Besides the vacancies for the apprentice minor, students can participate in the Internship Program, which, for 10 years, has opened doors for young people in the professional environment and encouraged the development of new leaders. Besides the internship opportunities, TCP is opening 285 new openings throughout the year. Those interested can also check the existing vacancies in the sectors of operations, HR, commercial, job security, among others.

Carolina Brown explains that the generation of jobs is the result of a large investment in infrastructure and technology in the terminal. By the end of the year, TCP will receive 11 RTG-type cranes and will expand the reefer yard (space for temperature-controlled container outlets), from 3,572 outlets to 5,126, keeping the company in the lead with the largest reefer area among Brazilian terminals.

“We have a growth in infrastructure and in serving new maritime lines. In February, we reached the mark of 17 regular calls and, currently, TCP is the largest Brazilian concentrator of long-haul lines. This number benefits our clients and attracts new investors, who seek the largest number of services in the same terminal,” explains Brown.

TCP’s growth has expanded the opportunities in the operational sector, which brings several advantages to the Parnanguara community. Bohnn points out that “vacancies in operations provide more opportunities for professionals with qualified labor. This market movement also attracts more investments to the city and the interest of those who want to work in the port and foreign trade environment”.

Mayara Locatelli