Distribution and planting take place on Tuesday, 21, in commemoration of the Day of the Tree.

An action developed by TCP – the company that manages the Container Terminal of Paranaguá, will ensure that 170 new trees are planted in Paranaguá. The distribution of 150 seedlings will be held on Tuesday (21), in celebration of the Day of the Tree, and the planting of another 20 will take place later this week in a city street.

The seedlings will be made available by TCP to the Terminal’s employees in a stand set up inside the Terminal. The planting will be done at Gabriel de Lara Avenue, at points defined according to the Urban Tree Planting Plan of Paranaguá.

The tree species were chosen according to what is indicated for planting by the Urban Tree Planting Plan of Paranaguá, which is one of the environmental conditions of TCP. In general, the species selected are suitable to the local climate and typical of the Dense Ombrophylous Forest.

In addition to the distribution of seedlings, employees can participate in an environmental quiz, which is worth a gardening kit.

Thaisa Tanaka