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The initiative is the result of a technical cooperation agreement signed on June 30 by the MPT and the Women of Brazil Group

Brasília – The Program for the End of Violence against Women won the participation of the Paranaguá Container Terminal (TCP), located in Paraná. This is the first company to participate in the initiative, which was created from the technical cooperation signed on June 30 between the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT) and the Women’s Group of Brazil. The program aims to create a network of supporters made up of individuals and institutions to raise awareness and overcome gender violence and domestic violence through actions aimed at women and family members who may be assisted by the program.

Through membership, TCP signed a commitment to offer five job openings per year to women in situations of gender violence assisted by the Justice and Social Assistance System. The company will also facilitate the implementation of measures that allow them to leave the workplace and change the daily routine of female workers who are victims of domestic violence. In addition, a visual identity will be created for the program so that it is widely known and publicized.

According to TCP’s Human Resources manager, Thaís Marques, violence against women manifests itself in different ways, affecting the basic rights to health, safety and integrity of thousands of women. “Supporting this cause demonstrates TCP’s social responsibility and commitment to encouraging actions for an egalitarian society, which can no longer accept acts of violence – often perpetuated within homes and families that are exactly the benchmark for respect, protection and support . Promoting the program means giving a voice to the most vulnerable victims ??who do not always support the correct guidance or support to remain firm in the enough”, highlighted Thaís Marques.

According to a representative, the program will be announced at the company starting in November to coincide with an international campaign “16 Days of Activism to End Violence against Women”, which takes place between November 20th and December 10th. On December 6th, the action will be exclusively aimed at mobilizing men to combat violence against women. “It is worth remembering that more than 90% of our staff is made up of men and we believe that the education and awareness model should be for everyone and not just women”, explained a TCP HR manager.

The agreement was signed on August 30 and has a duration of 24 months with the possibility of being extended by means of an amendment.

Cooperation – Among the actions proposed by the partnership signed between the MPT and the Women of Brazil Group are the offer of several work possibilities for women assisted within the institutions supporting the program, psychological counseling and professional guidance. It also provides assistance for moving, offering professional and entrepreneurial training for women assisted, offering vacancies in day care centers or elementary schools and the opportunity to enter professional training programs for the children of the assisted women.

According to Adriane Reis de Araújo, national coordinator for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities and the Elimination of Discrimination at Work (Coordigualdade), “the program brings civil society to participate in the construction of a support network for women, considering that independence women’s economic situation is an important instrument to break the cycle of gender and domestic violence”.

The Regional Coordinator of Coordigualdade in Paraná, Cristiane Lopes, who participated in the TCP adhesion, commemorates the awareness of companies in relation to structural violence against women, which needs to be fought in the domestic sphere but also in the business environment, through policies that inhibit moral and sexual harassment.

Women of Brazil Group – Created in 2013 by 40 women from different segments, the Women of Brazil Group aims to engage civil society in achieving improvements for the country. It is chaired by the company of Luiza Helena Trajano and has more than 95 thousand participants in Brazil and abroad.

Source: Ministério Público do Trabalho

Thaisa Tanaka