The largest employer of the Paraná coast celebrates half a decade this Thursday (13); besides moving the local economy, the company supports several social and environmental programs.

Over 25 years, TCP, the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal, has been promoting the social, environmental and economic impact on the Paraná coast. For the residents’ economy, one of the strengths is the hiring of professionals. In 2016, for example, TCP reached the mark of 1.000 employees.

Today, the company has 1.355 professionals and intends to expand this number still in 2023, opening 300 new jobs. According to the manager of human resources and quality, Washington Bohnn, “when TCP opens its doors to receive workers from the region and other locations, it generates more qualified labor and increases the flow of services, moving the market and bringing more investments to the city”.

Currently, TCP is considered the largest employer in Paranaguá and offers several opportunities for growth. This is the case of the company’s oldest employee, operations coordinator, Edimárcio Pereira Neves. Hired in 1998 as an administrative assistant, he currently leads a team with more than 400 operators. “The company is always growing and I really respect the terminal’s consideration in giving different opportunities to employees”, he celebrates.

TCP also offers work options to professionals at the beginning of their careers. In 2022, the internship program reached an average hiring rate of 76%. Besides employment opportunities, another major social action in Paranaguá involves support for social projects. In different ways, TCP acts by supporting programs enrolled in tax incentive laws and socio-environmental actions of the communities inserted in the Paranaguá region.

Support to social projects

Since 2007, the company has already benefited 48 social institutions and fundraising funds enrolled in tax incentive laws. Among the projects supported on the coast are Marco Zero and the Antoninense Philharmonic. The former is focused on the restoration of one of the oldest churches in the country, the Nossa Senhora do Rosário Cathedral; and the latter is responsible for attending more than 2 thousand children and teenagers.

With regard to other support formats, TCP has also made history: since 2012, the company has supported 230 projects, between conditionalities and requests from communities. Some of them are the vocational courses, workshops for fishermen and the funding of social works. The most recent was the construction of 30 houses for indigenous people in Paranaguá, benefiting about 130 people.

One of the socio-environmental programs carried out by TCP is the Troca Solidária (Solidary Exchange), which allows residents to exchange recyclable materials for staple food and personal hygiene products at below-market prices.

Mayara Locatelli