The support is provided through tax incentive laws and benefits communities in the areas of culture, sport and health.

In the second quarter of 2023, TCP made contributions to 11 social projects, divided between the Fund for Children and Adolescents (FIA) and the sports, elderly and Rouanet laws. The contributions have been made since 2007 and have already benefited 53 social institutions and fundraising funds registered under tax incentive laws.

According to Patrícia Cobra, communications, marketing and administrative affairs manager, “for 16 years, the terminal has been donating part of the tax from its operations to social projects in the region as a way of stimulating local development and promoting caiçara culture. Our commitment to the parnanguaras is to encourage more and more growth in the city and local culture”.

Among the sports institutions benefiting from this edition is the Associação Recreativa, Cultural e Desportiva União Alexandrense. Located in the Alexandra neighborhood, 19 km from the central area of Paranaguá, the project gives soccer lessons to more than 80 children and young people between the ages of 6 and 17.

With regard to cultural projects, the proposals selected involve activities such as circus, theater, art courses, exhibitions, instrumental music in public schools, among others. One of the projects awarded is by the Mirtillo Trombini Institute, which will offer free artistic activities to children and teenagers studying in the public school system. The weekly activity will take place during the school day at the institute’s headquarters in Morretes and will last three hours.

Another project selected by TCP is the exhibition “60 years of MAE-UFPR”. In the year commemorating six decades of the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Federal University of Paraná (MAE-PR), the museum received support from TCP for the anniversary exhibition, the launch of a commemorative book and an academic seminar on heritage in Paranaguá.

The Fantastic Creatures project, by Gloriosa Produção Cultural, was also selected to receive funding. The program’s proposal is to stimulate the creativity of children, who will be present at the complete artistic process behind the exhibition.

Results of previous projects

Several institutions that have already received funding from TCP continue to carry out activities in Paranaguá, one of which is the NGO Coletivo Inclusão. Since March this year, the group has been running weekly theater and capoeira workshops for more than 120 students assisted by the Paranaguá Association of Parents and Friends of the Disabled (APAE).

In June, two other projects carried out social activities in Paranaguá. One of them was the 2nd edition of CRIA – Mostra de Artes. The initiative by the Viravolta Cultural production company offered free theater and music performances to the town’s school community. The project was approved once again to receive funding from TCP, guaranteeing more performances for the people of Paranaguá, including at the end of this year.

The second action was the delivery of 54 copies of “Os ilustres irmãos Rebouças” to 24 state schools in Paranaguá. The project developed by Livraria Solar do Rosário was a counterpart to the project carried out via the Rouanet Law. Os Irmãos Rebouças is a book that tells the story of the brothers Antônio and André. The two were the engineers responsible for the project to build the 110-kilometer railway linking Curitiba to the Port of Paranaguá, cutting through the rugged terrain of the Serra do Mar.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa