The event brings together workshops, conversation circles, fandango presentations and a gastronomic fair; this edition will see the debut of the Brazilian Rabeconic Orchestra on the coast of Paraná.

The 14th National Fandango Caiçara Festival in Paranaguá will take place from August 23 to 27. 21 fandango groups from the caiçara territory between the cities of Paraty (RJ) and Itapoá (SC) will perform on Ilha dos Valadares.

The event is free and will begin with a series of workshops and panel discussions involving traditional communities, the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) and public bodies. The program includes workshops on “Marcas Batidas nas Escolas”, a traditional fandango dance; a guitar tuning class with Fred Pedrosa; and a rabeca workshop with Zé Pereira.

Among the event’s supporters is the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal (TCP), which, in partnership with the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service in Paraná (Sebrae-PR), will hold a Community-Based Tourism Workshop.

According to superintendent Allan Chiang, “the table is part of the Caiçara Tourism Network, launched this year by TCP in partnership with Sebrae-PR. The project aims to provide free guidance to residents who work directly or indirectly with tourism on the coast of Paraná”.

Starting at 8:30 am at the UFPR Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology in Paranaguá, participants will be able to discuss strategies and opportunities involving community-based tourism on the Paraná coast. In addition to holding the round table, TCP has made contributions to the event. “We seek to stimulate local tourism and support projects that preserve Paraná’s culture, as is the case with the Fandango Festival. Supporting local projects is a way of encouraging the sustainable development of a region,” says Chiang.

Musical performances and caiçara cuisine

Starting on the 25th, fandango performances will be held in Cyro Abalém Square, at the entrance to Valadares Island. The highlight of the program will be the debut of the Orquestra Rabecônica do Brasil, on the 27th, in Paranaguá. According to the event’s coordinator, Mariana Zanette, “this is the first rabeca orchestra in Brazil. It was formed in Curitiba in 2011 and now we’re bringing it here this year”.

Zanette emphasizes that “the Fandango Festival is one of the most genuine and lively events that Paranaguá offers as a tourist and cultural attraction. It’s no wonder that the Caiçara Fandango has been considered Brazilian Intangible Heritage since 2012, in a more than fair recognition granted by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute, but it has animated this people for over 400 years.”

Next to the stage, there will be the Ilha dos Paladares (Island of Palates) Fair, offering the public various options of caiçara cuisine. Among the options are barreado dumplings, crab croquettes, shrimp dumplings, catfish pirão, lamb rice, fried potatoes, barreado, fish bait, shrimp drumsticks and shrimp dumplings. The local drinks available at the event will be mãe cá filha, cataia and craft beer.

The event is organized by the Municipal Department of Culture and Tourism and Paranaguá City Hall, and promoted, organized, curated and produced by the Mandicuera Popular Culture Association.

In addition to TCP, other companies and public bodies are supporting the event.

Fandango groups

The groups that will be performing at the festival are: Grupo Folclórico Mestre Romão, Grupo Pés de Ouro, Grupo Dona Mariquinha, Grupo Mestre Eugênio, Grupo Família Domingues, Grupo Viola Afinada Mestre Zeca, Grupo Mestre Brasílio and Fandanguará. Also present will be Família Neves, Família Pereira, Grupo Chimarrita de Itapoá, Manema, Jovens Fandangueiros do Itacuruçá, Grupo de Fandango Caiçara de Ubatuba, Grupo de Fandango Bacurau and Grupo Sementes do Promirim. Others taking part in the event are Mestre Pedrinho, Orquestra Rabecônica do Brasil, Pirão do Mesmo, Raízes Fandangueiras and Grupo Mandicuera.

14th Paranaguá Caiçara Fandango Festival

Date: August 23 to 27.
Venue: Cyro Abalém Square, Ilha dos Valadares – Paranaguá.
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                     coordinator Mariana Zanette on (41) 98450-0170

Isabelle Veloso Sousa