The meeting held by IBAMA seeks to expand communication and transparency in the port sector, and to improve the logistical flows of exporters in the Port of Paranaguá.

TCP, the company that manages the Paranaguá’s Container Terminal, supported and attended the First Meeting on Governmental Efforts for the Legality of Forest Products Exportation, in Paranaguá.  The event, held by IBAMA, the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, took place at the end of August.

Paranaguá is a nationwide reference in fiscalization and TCP has a great partnership with the institute. According to the substitute-chief of IBAMA’s technical unit in Paranaguá, José de Souza Alves Filho, “TCP is an example to be followed by the other terminals in the cooperation with the consenting agencies”.

Lorena Vidal, coordinator of the regulatory sector of TCP, adds that “the terminal provides full support to the demands received from IBAMA, actively cooperating for the performance of the inspection agency, either by physical conferences or by the supply of information about the cargo movements of interest to the institute”.

The objective of the meeting was to favor communication and transparency in the port sector, improving the logistic flows of forest products exporters that use the Paranaguá Port. Representatives from public and private agencies, port authorities, and students were in attendance.

Increase in production

According to data from Comex Stat website, TCP had a 38% increase in wood exports in 2022. Between January and July 2022 more than 735 thousand tons were exported against 531 thousand tons in the same period of 2021. To meet the demands of inspections in the region, IBAMA has already received 10 more environmental technicians who were approved in the last public exam held in 2022. They will be responsible for the control and supervision of exports in Paranaguá.

Thaisa Tanaka