The container terminal, considered as the main frozen food export corridor in the world, presented its expansion strategies for the meat and frozen food market.

On Thursday (01), representatives of the multinational JBS, recognized as one of the global leaders in the food industry, visited TCP. The logistics director of JBS, Gilmar Schumacher, and the logistics manager of JBS, Clóvis Wessling, were received by TCP’s CEO James Cao and the commercial team for a visit in the largest reefer terminal in Latin America.

The terminal is considered as the main frozen chicken export corridor in the world (more than 1.9 million tons in 2021). This year TCP registered an increase of 9.5% in the first seven months of the year, compared to 2021, with 1.1 million tons.

James Cao, TCP’s CEO, receives JBS’ director of logistics, Gilmar Schumacher, for a visit at TCP

The TCP team presented the investments that the company will undertake. By 2023, the terminal will have 5,178 reefer outlets to meet the large demand of frozen meat, an increase of 43% in the current number. TCP’s commercial and customer service manager, Giovanni Guidolim de Souza, comments that: “A larger number of outlets for reefer containers brings greater reliability and space in international trade operations. Customers like JBS need this flexibility in the face of the difficult foreign market in recent years, and we are happy to be able to offer solutions”.

CEO of TCP, James Cao attended the meeting and expressed that “Our goal is to provide the best possible services and solutions to our customers”. By the end of 2023, TCP will invest R$ 370 million in various sectors of the terminal, including the gateway to expand and improve road service. The railroad will also receive investments to increase its capacity.

Thaisa Tanaka