The campaign is part of the Program to End Violence Against Women, which is taking place at the Terminal for the third consecutive year.

Between November 25 and December 10, TCP, the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal, will hold the “16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence” campaign, as part of the Program to End Violence against Women. This is the third year that TCP has carried out the action, which includes a series of initiatives aimed at raising awareness and combating gender violence.

TCP’s HR and Quality Manager, Washington Renan Bohnn, reinforces the importance of joining the program: “Gender-based violence takes on multiple facets, affecting the basic rights to health, safety and integrity of many women. By supporting this cause, TCP is demonstrating its social responsibility and its commitment to promoting actions for an egalitarian society. We can no longer tolerate acts of violence, which are often perpetuated within homes and families that should be the benchmark of respect, protection and support. By promoting this campaign, we give a voice to the most vulnerable victims, offering the essential guidance and support so that they can remain strong and resilient.”

This year, the campaign will feature the participation of Vandecy Dutra, from the Paranaguá Women’s Secretariat, as well as talks on cases of violence and the current situation in Paranaguá and on the coast, interactive activities about women’s daily lives and the small abusive attitudes they have to face, and a Krav Maga class for female employees.

Program to End Violence against Women

TCP joined the Program to End Violence against Women in 2021, becoming the first company to participate in the initiative created from the technical cooperation signed on June 30, 2021 between the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT) and the Women of Brazil Group. The program aims to create a network of supporters made up of people and institutions to raise awareness and overcome gender-based violence and domestic violence through actions aimed at the women and their families who will be assisted by the program.
By joining, TCP has made a commitment to offer job vacancies to women in situations of gender-based violence who are assisted by the Justice and Social Assistance System. The company will also facilitate the implementation of measures that allow female victims of domestic violence to leave the workplace and change their daily routine. In addition, a visual identity has been created for the program so that it is widely known and publicized in the Terminal.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa