Inspired by Lilac August , a conversation circle promoted by TCP brings reflections on women in situations of violence.

This Thursday (31), TCP held a round table discussion with its employees in support of Lilac August, a month of awareness about combating violence against women. 48 people took part in the meeting at the head office in Paranaguá, which covered aspects involving women in situations of violence.

The round table discussion was attended by social worker Ana Perla Galvão and psychologist Suelen Cristine Mariano, all from the Specialized Social Assistance Reference Centre (Creas) in Paranaguá. Also present was municipal guard Marcia Garcia, representative of the Maria da Penha Law in Paranaguá.

“Bringing the Lilac August campaign to TCP is fundamental, as our aim is to raise awareness among employees about social issues, building an increasingly safe port with more opportunities for women. With the event we were able to break the silence that many women face, encouraging them to report situations of harassment,” says Washington Bohnn, TCP’s human resources and quality manager.

A safer harbor for women

This month’s campaign is part of the Program to End Violence against Women, a project led by the Labor Prosecutor’s Office and the Women of Brazil Group. The aim is to raise awareness and overcome gender and domestic violence through actions aimed at employees.

In 2021, TCP carried out an awareness campaign, which lasted more than two weeks and offered talks, conversation circles and community mobilization on the subject. The following year, the terminal produced and shared informational materials on the topic on its communication channels. One of these pieces of work featured the “violentrometer”, a scale that measures the degree of violence against women and shows everything from small everyday attitudes to extremely serious cases such as femicide. The aim of the device is to help victims identify the signs of violence.

Washington Bohnn says that these internal actions are essential for TCP. “We are the largest employer on the coast of Paraná and we are committed to promoting debate and raising awareness about gender violence. Addressing these issues with our employees is a way of encouraging the reporting of these crimes,” Bohnn concludes.

TCP Ethics Channel

In addition to awareness campaigns against violence, TCP has an Ethics Channel for complaints involving moral or sexual harassment in the workplace. The channel can be accessed by clicking here or via the terminal’s website on the “TCP” tab. Visitors can then click on the “Whistleblowing, ethics and compliance” category. All reports can be made anonymously. In addition to cases of harassment, any other type of unethical conduct can be reported through the channel. In other words, possible situations of fraud, violations of internal rules of conduct (code of conduct), among others.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa