At an event promoted by CMEC ACIAP, the Terminal received recognition for promoting gender equality and female empowerment in its work environment

The company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal (TCP) was recognized last Tuesday (16) with the “Women’s Friendly Company” certificate, at an event promoted by the ACIAP Paranaguá Women’s Entrepreneurship and Culture Council (CMEC). The award ceremony took place at the Paranaguá Commercial Industrial and Agricultural Association (ACIAP) at 19:30.

The initiative seeks to value associativism as a way of collaborating and strengthening the productive sector aimed at women, recognizing companies that promote gender equality and female empowerment in the workplace.

During the event, 10 companies received certification for their collaboration in CMEC’s actions throughout 2023. Representing TCP, Supply Manager Lígia da Luz Fontes Bahr received the certificate. Lígia is a great example of female empowerment in the company, working in an operational area and responsible for managing and negotiating all the major contracts and investments in equipment at the Terminal. Recently, TCP invested in 11 new RTGs and 17 new terminal tractors, for which she was responsible for managing the negotiations and purchase of the equipment.

TCP’s Human Resources and Quality Manager, Washington Bohnn, commented on the work that the Terminal has been doing and the importance of receiving this recognition: “At TCP, we are committed to promoting gender equality. Receiving this certificate confirms our commitment to our teams and is a sign that we are creating a safer and more inclusive working environment for women. In addition, it is an opportunity to strengthen ties with the CMEC and highlight to the community the initiatives that are being taken to contribute to this cause, such as opening and advertising affirmative vacancies for women.”

The presence of women at TCP

TCP is a great example of the presence of women in positions previously held only by men: in the last 10 years, the number of women in the operations sector has grown by 126% in this division of the company alone. When it comes to leadership positions, representation is even more expressive: today there are 33 female leaders, six times more than in 2013.

The increase in female presence at TCP is no coincidence. One of the company’s guidelines is to increase the number of women in all areas, especially in the operations sector. “There is an alignment with managers to prioritize the screening of women’s CVs for positions that require more attention, organization and care, such as RTG and CT operators, for example,” adds Bohnn.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa