Environment & Community

In April, TCP carried out new outreach activities with the surrounding indigenous communities, within the scope of the Basic Environmental Plan for the Indigenous Component (PBACI – FUNAI) and the TCP Program for the Management of Guarani Mbyá Intangible Cultural Assets (IPHAN).

In celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the Pindoty village opened its doors to welcome hundreds of guests to learn about Guarani culture. The festival included a performance by an indigenous choir, historical trails, themed rooms with educational exhibitions on Guarani Mbyá culture and the promotion of socio-cultural workshops, covering topics such as: indigenous reality, strengthening Guarani culture and traditional ways of preserving the environment.

On April 23, in the Guaviraty village, there were experiences with sharing traditional recipes, which will form part of a Book of Traditional Mbya Guarani Recipes, including dishes such as “reviro”, “chipá” and “aroka”. As in the Pindoty village, the sale of handicrafts and discussions about indigenous culture were important events.

In order to record the events, training in audiovisual production and research methodologies in the humanities was given to the indigenous researchers in the villages.

As part of the TCP Programme for the Management of Intangible Guarani Mbyá Cultural Assets (IPHAN), the four-monthly Plenary Session with the leaders of the six Mbyá villages on the coast of Paraná discussed issues relevant to the project, such as the organization of an exhibition with the results of the programme, ethnomapping and meliponiculture.

The Kuaray Guatã-Porã village built an Opy (prayer house) with a traditional taquara roof from the Rio d’areia village in Inácio Martins-PR. In this month’s computer classes, the indigenous people learned how to install programs and access TCP’s news website. Pindoty began preparing the land for the planting that will take place in May. The Guaviraty village activated traditional health care, bringing in an indigenous pray-er from Araquari/SC.

Ongoing actions such as funding boat trips, telephone calls, bags, water deliveries, fuel for the generator and brushcutter, building materials and pharmacy items were also maintained throughout the month.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa