Environment & Community

In November 2023, TCP continued with the implementation of the Basic Environmental Plan and the Guarani Mbyá Cultural Assets Management Program, projects carried out in support of the Mbyá indigenous communities on the coast of Paraná.

There was a presentation of the results of research into the historical presence of the Guarani on the coast of Paraná, and a record of the life story of Mr. Sebastião, who at 101 is the oldest member of the Pindoty village (Cotinga Island), whose memories are fundamental to understanding the indigenous occupation of that area.

There were meetings for the participatory detailing of the Indigenous Culture Centers planned for construction in 2024, as well as computer classes and the planting of agricultural and forestry resources.

In order to ensure the strengthening of the Mbyá culture, a technical and cultural exchange trip was made with members of the communities served by TCP to Mbya villages located on the coast of São Paulo, in order to learn about tourism, zootechnical and agroforestry practices.

During this period, fauna monitoring was also carried out in the three participating villages.

The “Nhemongaraí” ritual took place in the Kuaray Haxá village (Antonina), a sacred practice that is central to the Guarani people and which was supported through logistics and the delivery of food and supplies. Another cultural asset of central importance, the opys (prayer houses), was supported through the financing of a roof made of taquaras using traditional techniques, which was installed on the prayer house in the village of Guaviraty (Shangrilá), completing the construction of this sacred space.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa