With a new maritime stopover connecting the East Coast of South America to the Gulf of the United States, TCP is the first Brazilian container terminal to offer 20 weekly services

On Wednesday (24), TCP, the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal, inaugurated its 20th weekly service with the docking of the ship Bright. Operated by the Israeli shipowner ZIM, the itinerary of the ZIM Gulf Toucan (ZGT) line connects Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico and the United States.

“The integration of this new line into the terminal’s portfolio of weekly services should generate a throughput of approximately 400 full containers per week, expanding our participation in this important route and diversifying the range of service options available to our customers,” said TCP’s commercial manager for shipowners, Carolina Brown.

The fleet of the ZGT line has eight vessels with an average length of 200 meters and an approximate capacity of 2,500 TEUs (20-foot container length). Among the main cargoes exported by the terminal on this route are chemical products, wood, paper, cellulose and chilled meat.

Terminal breaks new docking record

In the last month of 2023, the Paranaguá Container Terminal achieved a new monthly record of berths: 83 vessels, a figure that surpassed the previous high of 77 ships, recorded in October of the same year. “Breaking successive records in this segment is a reflection of the terminal’s logistical efficiency, which should continue to increase the number of services in 2024,” says Carolina.

In the coming weeks, two more new weekly services should be provided by TCP.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa