The company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal was highlighted in two categories

The company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal (TCP) was the winner in the “Company Committed to Sustainability” and “Best Company to Work For” categories in the 8th edition of the Top Of Mind UNESPAR Award, which took place between November 6 and 10 as part of the VII Entrepreneurship and Innovation Symposium.

TCP received the award at the UNESPAR Auditorium on November 10. On the same day, the company took part in the XI Entrepreneurship Fair. TCP’s Human Resources Manager, Washington Bohnn, commented on the importance of receiving this recognition: “for the Terminal, it is an honor to receive the awards and recognition of Company Committed to Sustainability and Best Company to Work For. The Top Of Mind Award reflects what people think about the company, and this shows that our commitment to the community is being recognized.”

Top Of Mind is a marketing concept used in consumer behavior studies that indicates companies, brands and personalities that are the first to come to mind when asked.

Every year, academics from the UNESPAR Paranaguá campus administer a questionnaire by sampling academics from all the courses at the UNESPAR Paranaguá campus, presenting 66 segments so that they can indicate which brands and personalities are most remembered. The Top Of Mind award is given to the companies with the most mentions in the questionnaire.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa