In October 2023, TCP continued to implement the Basic Environmental Plan for the Guarani indigenous communities on the coast of Paraná.

Among the main issues of the month was the planning of activities for 2024, whose participatory construction progressed with the communities. Also noteworthy was a visit by representatives of TCP’s board of directors to the village of Pindoty (Cotinga Island).

Training and meetings of leaders with the State Department of Education in the capital of Paraná were supported in order to advance the agendas of indigenous schools. Introductory computer classes were also held in the Shangrilá village.

Traditional support for indigenous transportation and communication was maintained through the costing of telephone, internet signal, land and nautical transportation, as well as the planting of fruit trees and vegetables and support for the maintenance of territories.

The technical team visited various cultural institutions such as the Museum of Archaeology (MAE/UFPR), the Paranaense Museum and the Public Archives of Paranaguá, in order to advance knowledge about the ancestral presence of the Guarani in the region. Two trips were also supported to search for traditional (creole) seeds and seedlings of species used by the Guarani as medicine, which were no longer found in the villages.

Air quality monitoring was carried out in the areas of Cotinga Island close to the port area. The Shangrilá village also received loads of drinking water for its supply throughout the month.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa