Material collected in an action that marks World Recycling Day will go towards supplies and expenses for the institution

On the afternoon of Tuesday, June 4, a team from TCP, the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal, delivered 170 kilos of bottle caps and packaging seals to the Perseverança Nursing Home. The material was collected by Terminal employees in an action that marks World Recycling Day, celebrated on May 17.

“The Terminal’s ‘Tampinha e Lacres Solidários’ campaign plays an important role in showing that recycling brings various benefits to society, as it ensures a new life for discarded items and reduces waste production,” says Kayo Zaiats, TCP’s health, safety and environment manager.

Easier to store and with greater added value compared to other recyclable materials, the seals and caps donated by TCP to the Nursing Home will be passed on to collection centers. In this way, the value of the material sold will be converted into the purchase of supplies and to cover the institution’s expenses, such as the purchase of geriatric diapers and the payment of electricity bills.

“As well as promoting environmental education and encouraging the habit of recycling among our employees, the campaign aims to bring solidarity and support to the elderly people housed by the institution, people who have left their legacy of work and respect for Paranaguá,” says Zaiats.

Founded in 1940 as the Association for Assistance to the Needy, the Perseverance Home for the Elderly took on this name in 2019 and today serves more than 60 people. This is the second year that the Terminal has held the campaign and donated the material to the institution: in 2023, the action collected 81.4 kilos of seals and caps.

Environmental paddle collects almost 600 kilos of recyclable material

In April, TCP held the 6th edition of the Environmental Paddle, an action that brings together volunteers from the Terminal and the Parnanguara community to collect waste accumulated on the banks of the Itibere River, promoting environmental education and cleaning up one of the municipality’s most important natural assets.

This year, over 100 volunteers collected 996 kilos of waste during the four-hour event. Of this total, 596 kilos were recyclable material, which was sent to the Nova Esperança Collectors and Recyclers Association, located on Valadares Island.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa