In honor of the date (16), TCP offers health services such as vaccinations and blood sugar checks, as well as free haircuts and shaves for drivers.

This Friday (15) it took place the third edition of TCP’s Truck Driver’s Day event. The celebration happened at the Vehicle Assistance Service (VAS) and was attended by 86 people.

During this time, drivers who passed by had the opportunity to speak to the terminal’s service team, who gave them advice on installing the TCP GO app on their cell phones. The app aims to speed up vehicle entry and reduce paper consumption during access to the gates (gates for trucks to enter and exit). Through the app, truck drivers can also consult timetables, documents and notices. Another communication space unveiled at the event is the new TCP portal questions channel. This option has improved the customer experience, reducing waiting times.

In addition, TCP’s health team was on hand to administer flu vaccines and check truck drivers’ blood pressure and blood glucose levels. TCP’s health, safety and environment manager, Kayo Zaiats, points out that “from Monday to Saturday, more than 1,300 trucks circulate daily here at the terminal and TCP recognizes the importance of these professionals for commerce as a whole. In addition to the event, we have carried out various internal actions to better serve them”.

One of the actions mentioned is the refurbishment of the VAS, which currently has men’s and women’s toilets equipped with showers and a rest room with a sofa, water and air conditioning available to drivers. “In addition, in 2022 security was also reinforced at the terminal, which now has two surveillance posts and secure areas for locking and unlocking locks, which are the locking systems for containers on trailers, seeking to provide greater protection for drivers,” explains Zaiats.

Also taking part in the event were representatives from the Social Service of Transport and the National Transport Learning Service (SEST SENAT), who advertised free courses available in Paranaguá for truck drivers and their dependents, as well as guidance on safe driving and gymnastics. Broadcaster Nego Truck was also present, offering free barbering services to visitors.

Investments in the gates

Among the works underway to assist truck drivers is the expansion of the gates and investments in state-of-the-art technology in the road access areas. Another measure that benefited drivers was analysis and adjustments to the service at the access gates, which underwent improvements in internal processes, speeding up the validation of appointments.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa