O parnaguará Walter Maria Júnior é o novo responsável pela área e tem como desafio a expansão da infraestrutura de tecnologia para acompanhar o crescimento do terminal

TCP – the company that manages the Paranaguá Container Terminal, announced Walter Maria Júnior as its new IT manager. With 10 years of experience, the executive has the challenge of expanding the IT infrastructure of the terminal in order to meet the demand of business growth, ensuring the stability and security of the operation.
Born in Paranaguá, graduated in Information System at Univille (Joivinville – SC), studying for an MBA in Cyber Security at FIAP, Walter Júnior worked on the development of important projects for the Terminal, such as migration from the TOS system to NAVIS and implementation of the WMS (Warehouse Management System). Next year his team will start new projects for the terminal.

“Our action plan foresees the renovation of the infrastructure, including the modernization of the entrance and exit gates, besides the upgrade of the scanner, with the objective to improve the operational efficiency, and the updating of the access control system for people and vehicles”, he says.

The executive, who has accompanied the Terminal’s growth in the last decade, believes that the IT sector has gone from a supporting role to a leading role. “For the company to grow and be competitive, it needs technology. Knowledge, information, and automation are the IT weapons to obtain this result. With the tools made available by the sector, the company can organize its information and make decisions in a precise and safe way. Besides, it is possible to reduce risks and gain efficiency in several processes, automating and optimizing tasks, besides reducing costs”, he says.

Thomas Lima, Commercial and Institutional director of the Terminal, emphasizes that the announcement of Walter Junior as the new IT manager meets the company’s premise of promoting opportunities for professionals to grow. “TCP has a culture of investing in its talents so that they have professional growth as the company grows. Walter Júnior has followed the Terminal’s development in recent years, he knows all our challenges to maintain a port operation of excellence and high productivity, which makes the Terminal one of the most efficient in Latin America. He has a lot to contribute”, he emphasizes.


Walter Maria Junior’s first experience in IT was at SENAC Joinville, in 2004. “I always thought my career would be as a systems developer. I accepted a friend’s offer to learn and help maintain the company’s infrastructure and that’s when IT caught me. I learned a lot about how hardware and software integrate to make it possible to use systems locally and remotely,” he recalls.

Back to Paranaguá, in 2005, he had his first experience in the logistics sector, working as a computer technician at Martini Meat Armazéns Gerais. In 2011, he joined the team of professionals at TCP, starting as an IT technical assistant – which the executive considers the realization of a dream, since the Terminal is a reference in the region.

With five years at the company, Walter was promoted to supervisor and became responsible for the Service Desk sector, leaving a technical position for people management. In 2018, he became a systems specialist, working in the support and development of ERP and management systems and maintenance. “I was responsible for upgrade projects and systemic improvements, in addition to the management of IT equipment and process auditing,” he says.
In 2020 he took over the coordination of the terminal’s IT infrastructure team and, within a year, became responsible for the entire sector.

Thaisa Tanaka