The 4th China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Expo) was grandly opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on November 5, 2021. At this exhibition, The Container Terminal of Paranagua (TCP) from Brazil participated in the booth of China Merchants Port Group Co., Ltd. (China Merchants Port, listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code 001872; a holding subsidiary of China Merchants Group) with the theme of “Achievement in Changing “. Mr. Tony Shi, Vice Chairman and CEO of TCP had overcome the difficulties caused by the epidemic, and attended the exhibition. He had conversations with exhibitors to strengthen the exchanges, to share development opportunities and to achieve both mutual benefit and win-win results with all of them.

The Ambassador Mr. Gilberto Moura, Consul General of Brazil in Shanghai, was invited to visit the TCP booth of China Merchants Port on November 6, 2021, and received a warm welcome by Mr. Wang Xiufeng, CEO of China Merchants Port. Accompanied Mr. Tony Shi, Ambassador Moura watched the commercial video of Paranagua Port and TCP,introducing TCP’s professional terminal operation and customized service conception of “customer first”, which has made great efforts on the development of Brazil’s business, helping local people’s employment and realizing their dreams. Operation drives change, action makes change!

As a representative of enterprises that have made important contributions to the friendship and economic-commercial exchanges between China and Brazil, Mr. Tony Shi was also invited to attend the exhibition and ribbon cutting ceremony of the Brazilian Export and Investment Bureau with the Ambassador Mr. Gilberto Moura during the Expo. Ms. Xie Xue, President of Vale in China and Zhang Mei, Chief Representative of JBS Group in China, also participated in the ribbon cutting activities.

Brazil is the largest and most populous country in Latin America, where its economic strength also ranks first. In 2020, with the annual total trade volume of US $101.728 billion between China and Brazil which represents 3.14% higher than last year, China has been the largest trading partner of Brazil for 11 consecutive years, among which, Brazil’s exports to China reached US $67.686 billion, with a increase of 6.83%, while the imports from China amounted to US $34.042 billion. With a decrease of 3.48%. Over the same period, the bilateral trade volume between China and Brazil accounted for 27.59% of Brazil’s total foreign trade, of which 32.26% of exports and 21.42% of imports were with China.

China Merchants Port acquired the controlling stake of TCP on February 22, 2018 and officially completed the delivery on February 23, 2018. The acquisition of TCP is a positive measure for China Merchants Group to actively implement the national initiative to strengthen cooperation with countries of BRICS and implement the “Joint Action Plan” between China and Brazil. While realizing commercial value, TCP project effectively promotes the economic and commercial development and the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries. TCP is also the first investment project of China Merchants in Latin America, the first landing of the “breakthrough in America” strategy, and the first overseas mature port project which is holding completely by China Merchants Port, who is committed to become a “world-class comprehensive port service provider”. TCP’s acquisition helps to improve and perfect the overseas investment plan of China Merchants Group and realize its long cherished wish of “Breakthrough in America” strategy.

TCP is located in Parana State on the southeast coast of Brazil. It is the second largest container terminal in Brazil, the only container terminal in Paranagua, the largest single container terminal in Brazil, the world’s largest frozen chicken export terminal and also the only direct railway terminal in southern Brazil, one of every seven containers imported and exported from Brazil is loaded and unloaded through TCP.

Thaisa Tanaka