Environment & Community

In September 2023, TCP continued to implement the Basic Environmental Plan for the participating Guarani indigenous communities.

Among the main issues of the month was the conclusion of the participatory detailing of the pre-designs of the buildings planned for implementation in the three villages. Progress was also made in setting up aviaries for egg and meat production in the communities, under the supervision of a specialist in the field.

A partnership with the Paranaguá Municipal Department of Education was also advanced in order to plan future training courses for teachers on the indigenous presence on the coast of Paraná.

Traditional support was maintained for the transportation and communication of indigenous people through the cost of telephone, internet signal, land and water transportation, as well as the planting of fruit trees and vegetables in the three villages, under an agroforestry regime.

Indigenous people were transported so that they could access traditional treatment with village healers in neighboring towns. In the area of health, the Guaviraty village also received a weekly supply of drinking water delivered by water truck.

The Sambaqui village was also visited by a veterinarian to assist domestic animals that had been attacked by wild fauna.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa