The Troca Solidária project competed for the VII SESI ODS 2023 Award and won the seal in the Innovation for Sustainability category

On October 18 and 19, representatives of the Paranaguá Container Terminal (TCP) took part in the VII SESI ODS 2023 Award, held as part of the SESI ODS Congress in Curitiba (PR). TCP entered the Troca Solidária project and received the seal in the Innovation for Sustainability category, which recognizes projects that adopt innovative practices for sustainable development, access to technology and preparation for future challenges.

The SESI SDG Congress and the SESI SDG Award highlight actions focused on environmental, social and corporate governance issues, recognizing innovative practices that contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), carried out by industries and companies in the state of Paraná and Brazilian civil society organizations. The award has four categories: Environmental, Social, Governance and Innovation for Sustainability.

For TCP’s institutional superintendent, Allan Chiang, TCP’s participation in the Congress is an achievement: “The Solidarity Exchange Project serves hundreds of families and gives them access to food and other products for up to 40% below market value. Receiving the seal reflects the Terminal’s commitment to the Paranaguá community and our commitment to carrying out actions that provide social, economic and environmental development.”

Troca Solidária and the SDGs

The Troca Solidária project has been running since 2015 and serves island dwellers in the Paranaguá region by promoting the exchange of recyclable materials for food, cleaning and hygiene products at below market prices.

Waste is exchanged for food and other goods on seven islands along the coast. In the case of islands with no land connection to Paranaguá, the material is received by the floating market, an itinerant boat that acts as a collection point. The project also has three fixed points on Valadares Island.

The project is linked to three SDGs: SDG 2, which aims to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture; SDG 8, which promotes sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all; and SDG 12, which ensures sustainable production and consumption patterns.

This project is part of the Environmental Education Program for Communities and is being carried out in compliance with IBAMA’s Operating License No. 1356/2016.

Isabelle Veloso Sousa